Our Story

Our daughter Sydney, struggled with eczema for years, with little to no relief. We tried everything over-the-counter and even changed her diet. One day, I decided to Google the power of goat, oat, and coconut milks, and handmade natural soaps—The BEST decision I’ve made in terms of our children’s skin care! Soon after, our Oatmeal, Milk & Honey (OMH!) REAL soap bars were born. These soaps were amazing and did wonders for our daughter’s skin! Not only does she now have less flare ups, but she has healthier skin! Now, an additional 3 kids later—2 of which also with eczema, we have an entire eczema-combating arsenal of all-natural, skin rejuvenating oat milk & coconut milk soaps, soothing herbal balms, shampoos, conditioners, oils, and other bath & body products all made with love!

Don’t continue wasting time and money on commercial detergents (not soaps) and harsh treatments like we did. Love the skin you're in even more with botanical products that are safe, yet affective, with quality...UNCOMPROMISED! Allow us to serve your skin care needs with natural, skin-loving ingredients. Experience the Love today ==>